LOT Group is an innovative engineering company specializing in the development and integration of integrated system solutions for public transport, local payment systems, and access control and management systems.

The LOT Group team of highly qualified specialists has successfully implemented system solutions for more than 400 clients in 10 European and Asian countries: from transport operators, subways, light rail transport and railways, to ski resorts, industrial facilities, trade and financial institutions, educational institutions, enterprises services (fitness centers, amusement parks, stadiums).


Advantages of LOT Group:

Own production facilities and a team of software developers allow LOT Group to do without the services of contractors and third-party products. Thanks to this, we can guarantee high quality, loyal pricing policy and reliability of the solutions offered.

The LOT Group team consists of experts and analysts with vast experience in their respective fields, software developers who have successfully implemented more than 3,000 projects, electronics specialists who have developed and successfully implemented more than 500 electronic devices, as well as competent manufacturers who ensure the production of more than 4,000 units. products per year.
The production base of the company is equipped with modern equipment, which allows to make the production process as fast as possible, and the products – as reliable as possible.

All LOT Group products can be tailored to the needs of a particular customer or easily integrated into existing control systems using third-party materials and equipment according to customer requirements.
The quality management system of LOT Group is certified in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001:2015. Our company offers a high level of service and a loyal pricing policy to each client.

Our team

Oleg Dyvinets


  • candidate of economic sciences;
  • Author/co-author of scientific 32 articles on economics of transport;
  • 14 copyright certificates and patents;
  • 42 transport projects have been implemented.

Alexey Palant

Public transport consultant

  • candidate of economic sciences;
  • Author/co-author of 110 scientific articles on transport economics
  • 27 years experience in managing municipal public transport (metro, bus, light rail)
  • AFC planning and development and PT control systems for up to 6 million populated urban areas
  • Deputy Head of the Board of the Ukrainian Electric Transport Corporation
кандидат экономических наук; Автор/соавтор научных 32 статей по экономике транспорта; 14 авторских свидетельств и патентов; Реализовано 42 транспортных проекта.

Oleg Moiseenko

System Architect

  • 25 years of experience in managing a team of up to 30 people;
  • 20 years of experience as a project manager leading teams of up to 100 people;
  • 27 years of experience in software development in C, C++, JavaScript, Python, Delphi and software architecture design.

Denis Vaserin


  • Project Manager for the implementation of ASOP
  • Strong Skills -Financial Analyst
  • Participate in optimizing financial management, improving their performance; analyze and manage risk; determine direction of possible investments; find resources for development;
  • Conducting qualitative and quantitative assessments of the financial condition of counterparties, industry or market as a whole.