Fundamentally new opportunities

No on-board equipment: validators, controller terminals and the need for its installation

Savings on operating costs up to 60-75% compared to existing systems

Ease and speed of deployment (up to 1 month)

Any types of billing — by distance, time, zonal, group trips, preferential rates, etc.

Attract additional passenger traffic by significantly improving the user experience of passengers

Ability to work in parallel with existing systems

Comprehensive data on incoming and outgoing passenger traffic to optimize the transport network


  • Convenient and clear interface
  • Separation of employee roles:
    - account management
    - data entry and updating
    - configuring links
    - release on the route
    - view statistics
  • Easy and quick start of the Carrier's work in the System:
    - import of data directories of Drivers, Buses, Routes
    - quick configuration of connections Driver - Bus - Route
  • Detailed traffic statistics are available online in real time

Covid safety

Completely contactless and epidemiologically safe way to pay for travel.

Additional carrier bonuses

  • Fare payment using BelotPay allows the Carrier to:
    - exclude the Driver from the fare scheme
    - increase the speed of boarding passengers, eliminating delays in settlements with the driver
    - eliminate the uncontrolled circulation of cash when paying for travel