The BelotPay system is the next generation of fare payment, without validators and payment cards!

  • For fast and convenient fare payment, install the My Ticket mobile application on your phone.
  • Register in the system a payment card from which the fare will be debited. It is also possible to connect preferential tariffs.
  • When boarding a transport, the passenger chooses the route and bus number he wants to use.
  • The payment status is displayed on the screen, which serves as proof of payment for the fare.
  • The application has a function to view all paid trips from this device.

A flexible payment system is possible in the system, if it is established by the carrier company:

  • fixed rate,
  • payment by distance or by time,
  • group travel,
  • zone rates,
  • subscriptions,
  • preferential rates.

Fare control is carried out in several ways:

  • by the driver through the application “Driver”, which displays the current statistics of passenger traffic for the car;
  • inspector visually in the passenger app.

An e-ticket contains all the data that makes it possible to unambiguously make a decision about the validity of an e-ticket.