AUTONOMY Mobility 2023 in Paris

📌 22-23 March the BelotPay team took part in AUTONOMY Mobility 2023 in Paris. 👍
Spring Paris defined an easy yet business-like atmosphere of the event, which facilitated the most diverse and wide range of contacts. As the focus of the exhibition was urban mobility and ways to improve it, our solution aroused genuine interest in the seamless way to pay for travel and the convenience of using one application for payment in different modes of urban transport. There were presentations and discussions of our product with representatives of companies and state organizations from France, Slovakia, Belgium, Egypt, India, Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Germany. The richness of the event with different discussions and speeches of the top speakers allowed us to adequately evaluate the state of modern mobility and our place in this market of possibilities. We met very interesting people and even fellow countrymen. We hope that we were interesting to them, too, and that many of them will eventually become our partners and friends.
We are also very grateful to the organizing team of  Autonomy Mobility 2023 for the opportunity to participate and for the great organization of the event. We hope to continue our cooperation next year. Thank you Paris! 👋