How our project started?

Good afternoon dear friends. I would like to look a little at how our project began and how it attracts the attention of the consumer.
And so from the position of a business owner? We are attaching real photos of routes from the suburbs of Ukraine, they are not processed by Photoshop for a beautiful presentation. This is the reality of our route owners.
❗ And so why was it decided to install BelotPay on this route?

1️⃣ . The system is easy to integrate. There are no upfront costs for installation. There is no need to buy readers for card payment, no expenses for printing tickets for boarding. An environmentally friendly fare payment method that can only save everyone’s time.

2️⃣ . The percentage for using the system for carriers is much lower than that of «Loud Payment Systems». As an example, consider the Ukrainian carrier. The conclusion of an agreement with the acquiring bank entails a loss from all transfers of at least 3%. Whereas the BelotPay system allows you to do this at half the price.

3️⃣ . By installing the BelotPay system, the carrier complies with the legislation of Ukraine. Recall that back in 2017, the Verkhovna Rada adopted Law No. 4121 “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine Regarding the Implementation of an Automated Fare Accounting System in Urban Passenger Transport.” The document provides for the introduction of an automated fare accounting system and an electronic ticket.

4️⃣ . The system takes into account preferential categories of citizens and is easily adapted in accordance with the introduction of new preferential categories (for example, preferential travel for refugees is possible – we think this is fair)

❗ And so from the position of the passengers?
1️⃣ . No need to transfer cash for travel. (The driver is not frantically looking for change)
2️⃣ . No need to reach for the payment terminal, especially during rush hour. (The truth is annoying extra movement in a crowded bus, especially in the morning)
3️⃣ . No hidden fees. Exactly payment for the journey and for the distance traveled is removed without cheating.