Transport Ticketing Global Summit in London

✨ Last week we had the honor of attending the Transport Ticketing Global Summit in London for the first time. It was another small step for public transport and a giant leap for Belotpay. It was an incredible opportunity to talk about our project and to reveal the possibilities of contactless fare payment in any mode of transport.
BelotPay system is the new generation of fare payment, without validators and payment cards! 📲 🚎 🚌 🚲 🛵 🚇 🚆
The main question, which worried many who came to our booth, was the question of the dynamic fare model of distance-based payment. This very possibility is the most actual for modern public transport and at the same time unrealizable within the existing technical solutions.
BelotPay technology makes it possible to solve this complicated issue easily and gracefully. This is what caused great interest in the BelotPay solution.
Representatives from England, Switzerland, France, Estonia, Slovenia, Peru, and Chile showed great interest. Now we have new friends and potential partners.
We are grateful to Transport Ticketing Global and new partners for their interest in BelotPay.
Overall, the summit was an invaluable opportunity to gain a more strategic perspective on the work we do in transportation and to network with like-minded professionals who are committed to innovation and progress in the industry.